Consulting Services


ERSG provides consulting services for the following areas:

  • Risk Management: Consulting for risk management, internal audit, and compliance is a primary business division of ERSG. For each software product supplied, ERSG employs experts in this type of risk management technique. If you are interested in receiving any consulting services for a particular risk management methodology please contact us. You can also visit the risk management area of the website here (link) to find out more
  • Project Management: ERSG is a leading provider of project management services. If you have software related to project management, the ERSG team can assist in best-practice use of these products.
  • Training Workshops: ERSG conducts training workshops which boost specific skills for conducting risk assessment using a special type of risk technique or by gathering people from each business area to identify common risks.

For more information on Support and Training please view the Support & Training area.