Support & Training


Software Training

ERSG implements and provides training services for all its software products. These include on-site training, web conference training, and fully interactive training walkthroughs where users have to use their mouse and keyboard to complete certain tasks. Each software product also includes a full user manual.

Because ERSG has expert consultants in risk management and process hazard analysis, receiving training is not just a software exercise but also an education in advanced risk management practices that each software solution is capable of automating.

Software Support

ERSG has a dedicated support team to ensure that all software installations maintain continual reliability and are updated with the latest versions. To ensure client satisfaction, ERSG manages 1st line support for all its products. If the situation cannot be resolved easily, ERSG will manage the support case with the software vendor until it is fully handled. The vendors for each product have expert technical support personnel to efficiently resolve any issue.

Through ERSG’s partner network, on-the-ground support is also provided in Saudi Arabia, Australia, South Africa, the Netherlands, the United States and the United Kingdom.