Business Strategy


ERSG partners with world-class software vendors to provide the best possible software for enterprise risk management and process hazard analysis.

Each software product that ERSG represents has a particular purpose in risk management. Each product also integrates with all our other products.

Each partner vendor has been carefully chosen based on quality of product, market reach and support staff. This has resulted in world-class software partners that provide the exact solution to meet a client’s precise risk management needs.

ERSG has skilled and experienced teams implementing and supporting large software installations around the world. Each of the team members is experienced in all software products and has spent much time working with and supporting them. These software specialists are backed by ERSG’s risk management consultants to ensure that all applications are correctly used and managed.

ERSG’s support network provides on-the-ground assistance in Saudi Arabia, Australia, South Africa, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States, to ensure that each client receives quick and efficient help with any query or training request.