Process Hazard Analysis (PHA)


ERSG has 3 main partnerships for Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) software.  Each of the vendors below provides a unique solution to this market.  


IsographIsograph is a world leader in the development and supply of Reliability Engineering and Process Hazard Analysis software. Isograph provides a wide range of products in use at over 7000 sites around the world.

These Isograph products are used broadly in industries such as rail, nuclear power, automotive, defence and aerospace to improve safety and reliability. They are also used to optimize the maintenance of plant in industries such as utilities, petrochemical, mining & mineral processing, and to improve asset performance

Isograph has a wide variety of best-in-class software solutions including:

    • HAZOP + for hazard and operability studies
    • Fault Tree Analysis
    • Availability Workbench for availability simulation
    • Reliability Workbench for calculating failure rates and maintainability prediction
    • FRACAS +, a failure reporting analysis and corrective action system and
    • Attack Tree for system security


Governors The Governors BowTieXP product is a complete, user -friendly risk analysis software tool.  It is based on the Bowtie method and is used by risk professionals all over the world. Many global Fortune 500 companies have chosen BowTieXP as their standard for analyzing, assessing and managing risk.

BowTieXP is suitable for the beginning risk analyst as well as the experienced professional. The software has comprehensive output functions powerful visual diagrams and extensive reporting options.

BowTieXP also has add-on modules that allow for integration and analysis in other systems.  BowTieXL allows for quantification of a bow tie assessment in a spreadsheet-type environment.  BlackBowTie enables mapping of incidents directly into bow tie assessments to provide an integrated view of each risk or hazard.  The BowTie Sharepoint add-on allows a company to manage all bowtie assessment on Microsoft Sharepoint.

Lihou Tech

LihouTech has been developing solutions for HAZOP since 1985. 

Through continual product improvement and listening to user requirements they have upgraded their product over time to create one of the best HAZOP tools which also works for SIL, HAZID, and FMEA studies.

To try a demo of the Lihou software, follow this link: