GovernorsMedgate is the leading global provider of enterprise Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) software. Our occupational health, safety, industrial hygiene, and environmental software products offer the most comprehensive functionality on the market. Available in multiple languages, Medgate software is used across the globe in hundreds of the best known corporations and government entities.

Medgate channel partners include international firms who have deep expertise in EHS and a proven track record of success in their region. Medgate’s core value is client service excellence and we carefully select partners who share this commitment.


GovernorsERSG has partnered with Governors to bring to market new risk management tools that allow organizations to take advantage of the latest scientific advances in risk management.

Governors has become the world leader in proactive and reactive qualitative risk management and analysis tools. Qualitative risk management is regarded as the cutting edge of risk management, dealing with issues beyond the scope of traditional quantitative risk analysis tools. 


IsographIsograph is a world leader in the development and supply of Reliability Engineering and Process Hazard Analysis software. Isograph provides a wide range of products in use at over 7000 sites around the world.

Guideline Risk Technologies,(w/ logo GRTlogo-notagline.png) Guideline Risk Technologies specialize in Enterprise Risk Management and have worked over many years to create a fully integrated system  for enterprise-wide risk management.  This system, RUBI, is now functioning in organisations around the globe.


LihouTech has been developing solutions for HAZOP since 1985. 

Through continual product improvement and by attending to user requirements LihouTech have upgraded their product over time to create one of the best HAZOP tools which also works for SIL, HAZID, and FMEA studies.